Yoshki & The Planet

Environmental Policy

We’re committed to sustainability and aim to be Net Zero by 2026.

We are committed to building a better working world – one that includes sustainable growth.

At Yoshki, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We recognise the importance of minimising our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance. This commitment extends across all our operations, products, and services.

Our Commitments:

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Yoshki is dedicated to complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements. We will regularly review and update our practices to ensure ongoing compliance.

Pollution Prevention: We will strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by adopting pollution prevention practices. This includes the reduction of waste, emissions, and the responsible use of natural resources.

Continuous Improvement: Yoshki is committed to a process of continual improvement in our environmental performance. We will set and review environmental objectives and targets regularly, seeking to enhance our sustainability efforts.

Resource Efficiency: We will work towards resource efficiency by optimising the use of energy, water, and raw materials. This involves the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and sustainable sourcing practices.

Employee Engagement: Our employees play a crucial role in our environmental stewardship. We will provide training and awareness programs to ensure all employees understand and contribute to our environmental objectives.

Supplier Collaboration: Yoshki will collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility. We will encourage our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and consider environmental criteria in our procurement processes.

Waste Management: We will responsibly manage waste generated during our operations. This includes reducing waste at the source, recycling, and proper disposal methods inline with all environmental regulations.

Communication and Transparency: Yoshki will communicate openly about our environmental performance and engage with stakeholders to foster transparency and trust. We will strive to keep our employees, customers, and the public informed about our sustainability efforts.

Emergency Preparedness: We will establish and maintain procedures to identify and respond to environmental emergencies, aiming to minimise any adverse environmental impacts.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All employees are responsible for implementing and supporting this environmental policy in their daily activities.

Senior management will provide leadership, resources, and support to ensure the effectiveness of this policy.

Review and Revision:

This environmental policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Yoshki is committed to meeting all relevant standards.

This policy is effective from 1st January 2024 and will be reviewed annually.

David Whittaker
Global Head of Marketing, Support and Customer Implementation